Chronology of the case



European Commission of Human Rights/European Court of Human Rights/ Council of Europe

19 March 1989

March by Women Walk Home - events that gave rise to Application.

22 July 1989

Introduction of Application

11 January 1991

Hearing before Commission on admissibility

07 March 1991

Decision by Commission on admissibility

09 &10 June 1992

Hearing before Commission of witnesses

04 December 1992

Hearing before Commission on merits

08 July 1993

Adoption of Report by Commission

09 November 1993

Application referred to Court by Cyprus Government

22 June1994

Hearing before the Court on Preliminary Objections

23 March 1995

Judgment by Court on Preliminary Objections

25 September 1995

Hearing before the Court on merits

18 December 1996

Judgment by Court on merits

27 November 1997

Hearing before the Court on Article 50

28 July 1998

Judgment by Court on Article 50

July 1998

Case Transmited to Committee of Ministers for supervision of execution

28 October 1998

Turkey fails to meet deadline on damages

22 June 1999

Letter by Chairman of the Committee of Ministers to Turkish Foreign Minister

6 October 1999 

Interim Resolution by Committee of Ministers

24 July 2000

Interim Resolution by Committee of Ministers

2 December 2003

The Turkish authorities paid the just satisfaction awarded by the European Court in the Loizidou case.

14 February 2007

At the Committee’s request, the Immovable Property Commission (“IPC”) made an ex officio offer to Mrs Loizidou, where no restitution was offered.

28 May 2008

The Applicant wrote to the Committee, criticising in particular the IPC’s refusal to offer restitution.

For communication by Applicant and Respondent to Committee of Ministers for execution, please click on "Case Documents" in the following link:

4-6 June 2019

At the 1348th DH meeting, the Secretariat proposed to the Committee to close the Loizidou case.


22 September 2022

At the 1443rd DH meeting, the Committee of Ministers decided to close the supervision of the execution of the Judgment of 18 December 1996 in the Loizidou case.